HELP ! Emissive Materials and 360 Panorama VRay Render Issue

I’m having an issue with rendering my scene as a spherical 360 panorama image. When I render my scene in the standard camera everything looks fine. Lighting perfect. When I switch to the 360 cam (with all the same settings), the emission lighting materials no longer work properly. The material become dark that are associated with the emissive light.

Did you try to render with CPU only?

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I tried both.
when I used
CPU render it’s normal. but take to much time …
then I used GPU render , but the emissive light didn’t show the light . just showing images.

is it normal? or there’s something wrong with my material/reder setting

Watching @mihai.s video, yes, it is normal. GPU rendering panoramas doesn’t support emitting materials.

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thaankssss.!! @mihai.s @Anssi