Help create dynamic component

can someone please help me create dynamic components that will resize an object without losing geometry like enlarging a window but keeping its sash thickness the same.

I’ll move your thread to the Dynamic Component category, you should edit the thread title to reflect your question rather than your name.
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thanks, new

You can start here:


That is exactly the sort of thing a DC is designed for. There are a few ground rules for making DCs, especially as a novice. No. 1 in my opinion is to learn to think of how you will divide up any element of your DC to make sure it behaves correctly. For example, a layperson might think a window casement is hewn out of a single lump of wood. A joiner would know that it is actually made of four pieces of wood joined together. But as a maker of DCs, you may have to divide it up further still into four straight pieces and four corner pieces.

Another thing to beware of is nesting. If you create sub-components within the DC you may find that they get altered in unpredictable ways.

DCs have not taken off in the way I imagine was originally envisaged and is a feature that has not been amended or updated since introduction (AFAIK). One reason they have not proved that useful is that they take a great deal of time to make and most able Sketchuppers can create what they want without parametrics much faster. They do have a place but it’s a small corner.

its going to be critical to get this working even if I have to pay someone to do it.