Help converting my sketchup model for CNC milling


Hi people, thanks for reading. Im having some major issues that are really frustrating me. Ive created a model and i need i to be a certain format for CNC milling. Ive also got autocad but when ever i transfer it over and try to export convert ects it wont let me on there either these are the formats it can be in

We only accept following file formats: .pdf, .stp, .step, .iges, .sldprt, .x_b, .igs, .ipt, .edxml, .catpart, .prt, .sat, .cgr, .scad

STP file wont work for some reason please help :slight_smile: without ins.skp (1.5 MB)



I would expect the parts need to be solid to work on your machine software.
To report solid in “entity info”, both the parts have to be made into groups or components and be “solid” in construction.
They are both below the ground plane (blue axis), they require raising upwards onto the blue axis…
There is a stray guide that probably isn’t helping matters.
The parts are away from the origin by some distance, is this intentional?

You are using the 3d printer template which carries a lot of excess baggage in the way of components, you should avoid that template to keep you file size down. If you got to the component window you can click on the blue arrow and “purge unused” to get rid of the excess components in the file.

EDIT- Also on the right hand side of the large part there are three circles, that aren’t cut all the way through. I’m not sure you want these as holes?



You might ask ‘we’ if a .dwg or .dxf file is acceptable. Hard to imagine they’re not.
Be sure to look under the Options button in the Export Model dialog.

Like @Thorleyian says, the parts need to be SketchUp Solids.
Make each a Component and Entity Info will confirm if it’s a solid.

I also notice the cover has some dimensional issues.
It’s skewed slightly out of square and one end is even a bit larger than the mating opening of the box.

It would be wise to model the cover again, providing clearance between mating parts.

See this copy of your original model:
Box and Cover Dimension Issues.skp (138.5 KB)



Thanks for the reply.Ive raised them up to blue axis i think. On the model the three holes arent cut out for cutting purpuses to get the right size thread. Should i just use a blank start ?



thanks for the reply. ive asked if they will accept that and they wont due to it being cnc milling software ? they are solid i think ? also the part that isnt the same size is to fit into the box if ou notice one side is 2mm thick and other is 4mm thick :slight_smile:



Not sure what you mean by this.

I find that rather odd, in my experience DXF is the most popular format for cnc, then again it does depend on what sort of machine they have. I might just be a bit out of fashion.

They’re not solid, in the file you uploaded neither are groups/components (which they need to be again). If I remember rightly, when you make the parts into groups/components the larger part has a stray edge that needs deleting to make it solid.

I can’t comment on the skewed issue George mentioned, I didn’t look and I’m on a phone right now.



What is the CNC software they are using?



You know thinking about it, they probably won’t accept dxf/dwg as they apply more to 2d for “routing” type operations for panels. Since this is a 3d project that I’m guessing will be made from a stock piece (in one?) the part will be “milled” not “routed”. The file formats listed by the Op now make sense.



@Thorleyian. By blank I mean re draw it again. I’ve managed to clean up the file and according to the solid tool there are no errors in it. I did originally have it as a component but exploded it to upload to autocad to see if I can convert it that way still having alot of trouble really.

@DaveR I’m not sure what software they use as I didn’t think to ask them this. I’d re draw it on autocad but I haven’t got round to trying it properly yet seems alot more complex compared to sketchup. Whenever I export it there isn’t a option for autocad 2017 so I’m wondering if this is where the problem is?



Before you go further, you should get more info from them.



AutoCAd 17 and 18 will open any export from Sketchup from my initial testing.




I am having the same problem with an injection molding company. They continue to tell me they need IGS/STEP/SLDRPT file to give me a quote. I have replied that I can send a DWG and Solidworks supports the import of the file and they can create whatever file type they need only to receive a response of ‘I need IGS/STEP/SLDRPT’. I am about ready to call a Sales VP and find out why. I’m relatively new to this world of 3D design, and I am sure it is still in it’s infancy (not to be negative), as server client software was in the 90s. Everyone wanted to do their own proprietary format. I know there are differences in design types Mesh, NUURBs, etc. I guess the types are so different conversion must be complex. I would think that Sketchup, FreeCAD, AutoCAD, Solidworks would all support some common export types that work for CNC and Injection Molding. This is crazy. I’m trying to grasp it all.


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