Help Center says that 4 = 5!

Problematic URL: Working with Components in SketchUp | SketchUp Help

Description of the Issue: In two places, confusion exists between 4 and 5!:

  1. In theBasic Rules of Modeling in SketchUp section, the text says: “There are five basic rules of modeling in SketchUp.”, but only 4 rules are stated.
  2. In the Advanced attributes and user interaction section, the text says: “The diagram above shows where to place the four pieces of recommended information …” but the actual diagram highlights five pieces of recommended information!

Selected Version of SketchUp: n/a - problem is in the web help text

Selected Operating System: n/a - problem is in the web help text

OK. I’ll admit the topic title is a bit click-baity. If you object, sue me!

If you interpret 5! = 120, it’s getting even worse :wink:


rule 5 You can not make too many Components. You can always simplify later.


The four attributes are the component info attributes, I guess, what strikes me more is the use of the word advanced, because surely, the advanced attributes are a different library then the dynamic. I would like to see some interaction between the two libraries, without the use of ruby.

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Is it a bit like the 3 rules for property value: location, location, and location.

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