Help! Any idea to how to do this curve?



Does anyone know how to model this curve of the towel rail?

I started trying but I could not finish …
Toalheiro.skp (114.7 KB)

Thank you!


An ideal SUbD situation.


Not as elegant as Box’s solution but it can be done with native tools. Here’s the lower hook.

Follow Me/Push/Pull to create the sections, combine them and erase the coplanar edges, Trace an edge on each side to fill in the missing faces (shown selected), extend and taper the arm with the Scale tool.


that was what I was really looking for. Thanks :beers:


Glad that helped. Box’s solution is prettier and faster but it’s good to know how to do these sorts of things with the native tools, too.


Yeah, but I don´t have the license and my test version has already expired :sleepy:


50% discount right now. Well worth the few bucks.


You could buy the license.


SubD is a plugin that I do not have much demand, in my case, it is good for one thing or another … But, when you need a plugin like SubD it makes all the difference, everything gets easier and faster!

Thank you!


@DaveR’s solution is the one I wish I had posted.
I may have to borrow it with his permission to make a gif to post on my page.


I just did that. Thanks. Hey, after saving me $250 by finding and returning my rent a car key, the least I can do is buy his software!


No need for my permission. I’d be flattered.

I used the same idea some years ago to draw the legs for a coffee table designed by Edmund Spence and did a blog post showing it.


Cheers @DaveR it reminded me of this one I did some years back.


Very good. I did something like that one for a cup holder bracket to mount on the handlebar of a motorcycle so a guy could 3D print it.


Can you post a photo of the final result? I am curious :slightly_smiling_face:


Photo of what?


cup holder bracket to mount on the handlebar of a motorcycle


Unfortunately it appears I didn’t keep a copy of the SKP file after I sent it off to the guy and I’ve since cleared out those old e-mails. Sorry.


Thank you anyway