Head of a corinthian column

Hi there folks! Here’s a recent exercise I made, the head of a corinthian column. I used SketchUp 2019 and some extensions like SUbD, VertexTools, QuadFaceTools.
By the way, I’ve uploaded the model to 3D Warehouse (click here)

Rendered pic with Thea for SketchUp v2

SketchUp geometry overlay


Excellent. A nice complement to Tim Killen’s exploration of the Doric order, in the most recent “Design.Click.Build” blog on FineWoodworking.com. You can read it here:



Excellent modelling. But with volutes as large as that, isn’t this a Composite column instead of Corinthian? Image from Wikipedia:

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Hi Anssi, thank you for your words! So kind!
I’m quite sure you’re right, but maybe this is one of those things that depends on who you ask.
Here’s a couple of examples of people calling corinthian to composite capitals.