Having trouble using any tool on SketchUp (free)

So I open up the web version like I have before but when I go to use a tool or use two fingers to zoom, it’s just not working. Lets say I try to zoom, the entire screen zooms in instead of just the drawing. The computer doesn’t seem to be recognizing the software suddenly or something. Won’t even let me draw a line when selecting the pencil, however it will let me tap the two ends of the line and it will form a line only then, just won’t let me drag a line from a point. What’s going on here?

Are you using a PC with a touchscreen?
The zooming problem could be that your SketchUp window isn’t maximized…
By the way your forum profile is confusing.
You mention 2 intergrated graphics cards and 3 processors?
Please state your setup as it is because that helps us help you!

Edit: it could also be a bad graphics driver.
Don’t let windows tell you it’s up to date, find the manufacturer’s website and download the right one!!

We do not fully support touch, please use a mouse for any drawing functions.

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