Having trouble saving to Google Drive on desktop

We are finding inconsistencies when trying to save our work to the desktop version of google drive. When performing the command + s function we are ‘mostly’ getting a warning from Sketchup that the file cannot be saved. Sketchup isn’t creating a backup file on the drive where the original file is saved and the autosave process doesn’t appear to be running. Can this be solved?

Simple answer: Don’t do that.

You are looking for trouble when trying to save directly to the cloud. Any error in your internet connection can result in a damaged, unrecoverable file. Saving is a much more complicated operation than simple copying. Best is to save in a local folder and copy to the cloud when finished.

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The Google drive app adds another layer of synchronization to the process of syncing data on each device that is connected to the main source in the cloud, with all the metadata attached.
If a collegue shuts down his laptop or desktop while the sync hasn’t fully finished, files get different versions etc.
Recipe for disaster if not everyone follows a certain protocol.
The automatic backup and autosave of SketchUp multiplies the number of uploads and mostly, upload speed is far less than the download speed.

Is there a certain protocol that a team can follow for best practice? We’ve been using dropbox for about 5 years with zero issues around saving files and our AutoCAD connection has never produced a saving issue. I’m wondering if we shouldn’t be using google drive…

I use Drive for Desktop, however:

  1. It’s just me
  2. I save to a local drive and use Drive for Desktop as a backup and sync
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Keep an eye on the syncing processes and don’t just shut down any machine until it’s finished…

Is there a recommended method for having the file sync to both a local server and the Drive for Desktop? We are looking for a sustainable way to save our work that is also efficient for sharing documents as we work on them.

What protocol would you recommend? We are only 4 people so there isn’t too much traffic.

You must choose which sync process is ‘the one source of truth’ and let the other process just act as a backup.
So make agreements in the team which one and set regular timeslots for the backup (preferred automated)
If you decide to add metadata on the files in the source of truth, others can see who did what or what todo next.

While Google drive has the ability to work realtime with others on certain types of data, it does not have one for 3D files like SketchUp.

It also doesn’t have specific AEC workflows, like Trimble Connect which comes with any subscription plan in SketchUp.

Might be worth investigating that option, too…