Having issue with 3D Warehouse that show only 20/40 model and not showing the rest of model

I didn’t use the internet like this for a long time since I become a monk
but recently I return to making sketchup and just noticing that the warehouse showing only 20 or 40 models of any collection or personal warehouse which i remember have pretty lot more than that as far as i remember

is it some kind of bug in the system? or just because of my old pc? anybody else has this issue?

I confirm. On a 93 model collection there are only 10 rows of 4 models.
Example: Schneider Electric: Clipsal Saturn Series

There should be page controls but they are not there.

ping: @Barry @psaal

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Oh thank you atbleast i know now that i’m not alone here

Hope they will fix this very soon

ในวันที่ ศ. 22 พ.ย. 2019 20:56 Dan Rathbun via SketchUp Forum sketchup@discoursemail.com เขียนว่า:

Yea, I’m working on other projects now. Peter’s your guy.

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@psaal and @TheGuz ( to get used to it )
We’ve had several reports as well today

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Thanks everyone, we’re looking into it. Seems our infinite scroll is being less than infinite today. :frowning: @chin258456 @DanRathbun @studiotk.sketchup


I myself prefer page control rather than the “infiniScroll”. :wink:

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@chin258456 We’ve got a fix out on 3D Warehouse now. Let us know if the issue persists.

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