Hatch lines for a section cut fill?

I am searching and not finding a way to use a hatch as my section cut fill. Not sure why i can pick alternate colors for my fill from my color picker but it wont let me use a hatch. I can pick a hatch texture but it wont appear. I’d be happy for this or a better way to hatch my section cuts but only seeing expensive add ons. It is jsut not something I use often enough to justify $100. Please let me know of any options or wokarounds you might have come upon. I jsut can’t imagine this is not something many need/use. Thanks, Todd

SketchUp’s native section fill only supports colors. That’s why.

You could use TIG’s Section Cut Face (from Sketchucation) to create actually faces at section cuts and then apply hatch textures if you want. The native section fills are not really faces.

The section cuts in this model were painted using one of the sketchy patterns after using TIG’s SectionCutFace plugin.

In this on it was done with a pattern I created in SU.

And this one I used the edges of the section cut faces to cut the lines I drew in for the hatching.


Thanks so much Dave,

Took me a minute to realize i needed to turn off my hatch fill in styles before i coudl see anyting but now i get it. I will poke around with it and see what works best for me. I think to control line weight and spacing that for priting that i will probably need to create something. I used what i could find in the pattern fill and that gives me something but I will see if i can either put something better in the color library or if I can figure out a way to build my own hatches. Maybe there is some combo that lets me use the section cut outline to hatch in Layout. Anyway, some stuff for me to work with. Thanks again, Todd

All still a bit confusing but seems to work well with the hatch face extension. I am sure a but of time using it will lessen the confusion.

Which one are you referring to?

Either way, as long as it works for you…

Now that i look I am a little nervous about it. I only have a few extesnons and I am pretty careful about them but somewehre i got hatchfaces. It is unsigned and when i look for it, it looks like it is very old script (2013). Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 9.58.34 AM

Maybe there is something better but it seems pretty helpful.

Don’t worry about the unsigned message. as long as it works for you it is good to go.

The worst thing that could happen, is that it messes up your model. A good strategy is to hit ‘Ctrl S’ (or ‘Cmd S’ on Mac) before doing any extension-related stuff.
Many of those old extensions aren’t wrapped to become part of the ‘Undo’ stack.
Ctrl S
If fails: File->Revert