Has Sketchup become too tricky to manage accounts

Does anyone else feel that Trimble has made it overly difficult and complicated to manage regarding signing in, licensing, subscriptions, and classic licenses, unistalling, installer files, etc.
It appears to me that it has been made overly difficult to understand the whole process similar to the way that Amazon has been accused of.
It has become extremely complex and confusing since Trimble took over. Does anybody share similar feelings about this ?

Mmh, no, not really.
However, the licensing, subscriptions, and others do seem a little more than simple.
However, since you joined the same day as you posted this, I’ve no clue if you are saying that Google did a better job.

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Yeah, if it’s supposed to be a rant thing, there are threads for that in this forum.
The only thing Trimble changed was the end of the ‘classic’ perpetual.
There are things to improve in the subscriptions, though.
It helps the developers to share your user experience and frustration by going into detail.
Eg. ‘Why don’t we have an overview of devices in our AMP?
Just a list of devices with macadresses with a button beyond to delete that sign in’
Or: ‘Why don’t we have a designated admin-role?’

Etc etc

Mind you it took Adobe almost four years to straighten things out.