Has Download Version (Make) Been Discontinued

Recently the old HP laptop I’ve used for years died. It cannot be revived, but I was able to save the HDD which I now have in an enclosure and attached by USB to this new laptop. Unfortunately, I did not have an image of the old Win 10 system that I could install on this Win 11 system; therefore I lost all software that had been downloaded and installed. In trying to install Sketchup on this system, I’m unable to locate the old (2017, I think) Make version that was downloaded years ago and cannot find it for download.

Has that capability been withdrawn? I tried the browser version and do not like it. I’m too old a dog (82) to be learning new tricks easily - or happily.

It was discontinued at the end of 2017. They stopped offering it for download several years ago. You can probably find it if you do a Google search but be aware that the web browser it uses has not been supported by Windows for a long time so it may not have up to date security. That was one of the reasons it was pulled from the SketchUp site.

You may well still have the installation .exe in your downloads folder on the Hdd.
It would look something like this.

Thank you, gentlemen.

I found the download I made some years ago. SU Make is now installed on my new laptop.

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