Hardware recommendations for SketchUp Pro with the attendant Layout package

What are the recommended hardware recommendations for the 2021 version of SketchUp Pro with the attendant Layout package

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The “official” view:

My recommendation:
CPU: One of the models in the top part of this benchmark list or the one for laptop processors. There is a huge variation in their price points, and your actual choice would depend on what other things beside SketchUp you do - like CPU rendering that requires many CPU cores. SketchUp by itself uses only one processor thread.
RAM: computers today usually come with 16GB. That’s what I have, but to a new machine I would put 32GB for some future proofing.
GPU: A Nvidia RTX card.
SSD disk: you know better than others how much storage space you need.
A wheel mouse that fits your hand, and a keyboard that you like typing with.

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Sketchup Pro 2021 is the version we are using.

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