Desktop Specifications Sketchup 2021

i have this machine, is good for SketchUp 2021 Pro?

CPU I7 10700KF 1200 3.8 A 5.1GHZ 16M
MRAM 64GB DDR4 3000
M.2 PCIE X4 2280 SSD ADATA GAMMIX S11 PRO 1TB 3500/3000MB
Graphic card NVIDIA RTX3070 8GB



Yes. Very good.

You can check it against the minimum and recommended requirements here: SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements | SketchUp Help

I went from a 2012 machine to a reasonably high spec current generation one a few months ago. The effect was to make SU really fly and Layout more stable. It wasn’t a game changing upgrade but it was very welcome nonetheless.

The usual rule applies for any tool, ie. get the biggest and best you can afford and you won’t go far wrong.

Yes, you will be fine :wink: