Hanging light shape

Can anyone advise me on creating this type of shape? Really appreciate for any help on this.

With Curviloft plugin:


A couple of questions for you, is the shape a torus/donut that gets thick and thin uniformly or does it wave up and down or even just get thicker on the downward vertical. It not really clear from that one image. Is it a circle or an oval… is it a specific shape you want to copy or do you just want some pointers in the general direction of this sort of shape?

More importantly what version of Sketchup are you using? Your profile is not clear you say Sketchup Free (web) then say 2016. This doesn’t really make sense and makes a difference to the advice given.

@mihai.s has given you an excellent example that would work for you if you are using a 2016 version, but would not be possible if you are indeed using Sketchup Free (web). You’ve also posted in the general Sketchup Category and not the Sketchup for web category of the forum so all in all it’s not obvious how to answer you.

This all sounds a bit pedantic, but it really does make a difference.


Here’s a quick generic version of making a torus with a wave in the web version. Note the web version doesn’t currently use extensions so everything needs to be done with the native tools.


In SketchUp for Web (Free, Shop, School), without plugin:

Add more segments to the circle for a smoother shape.

Thanks, @Box!
These are the shapes for the lamps: https://www.friendlights.com/led-ceiling-light/

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It is a doughnut shape, box illustration on the shape is the closest thing that I am looking for.
Guys you may refer to the photo below.

Now, it’s your turn…