Hand lettering style font?


Can anyone tell me a source or way to import a hand-lettering (architectural lettering style) font into Layout?


here’s a source:

not sure if you’re on mac or windows though but i imagine it’s the same on either (though maybe a different install procedure… on mac, you just click on the .ttf file and the font manager opens and offers a choice to install)… add the font to the system fonts then it will be available as a choice in Layout.


On a PC the .ttf file goes into the C:\Windows\Fonts folder - you’ll need Admin rights to do this…


Thanks very much, Jeff. This worked. Hope fontspace is a safe site to download from!


yep, sorry, i can’t vouch for the site :wink:

osx scans for badness prior to allowing an install of a new font… i’m not sure of the windows protocol


Hey thanks Jeff. I got a warning message (in osx) for ‘minor’ errors in the file but imported it anyway and it seems to work fine.


Hi again, Jeff

Can you tell me how to import scans to scrapbooks? I have a logo and some symbols I’d like to have on file for use. Thanks!



do you have a scanner? if so, ImageCapture.app which comes with all macs does a good job with not-so-much fuss of driving the scanner (it’s in the applications folder… plug in the scanner and launch the app and it will appear in the devices list)…

otherwise, i’m not quite sure what you mean… scrapbooks? as in layout scrapbooks?


Thanks again, Jeff. I do have a scanner. And yes, I’d like to save the files to Scrapbooks in Layout.
Or perhaps you could give me some pointers. I have a logo I’d like to use for my title block. So maybe I could just drag and drop that onto a template?
But for plant material symbols, I have symbols that I’d like to add to the Scrapbooks library. Would you know how to do that?


I downloaded from the link above and the file went to a zip file. How do I get the contents from that zip file in to layout?




First, unzip the file and extract the font files to somewhere you can find. Then you need to install the fonts on your computer. Go to Control Panel>Fonts and drag the font files into the Fonts window.


Thank you,