Guide Tools not showing up in 2017

I have been having aproblem with Guide Tools in 2017. No matter how I install it, it won’t show up in the Extensions menu. It doesn’t show up in right click context or in the Tools menu either. Works fine in 2016.

Went to Extensions Manager, uninstalled Guide Tools. I forgot there was a prerequisite library that I had to install first. I installed that (TT Lib2), using the install button, then Guide Tools, also using the install button. They do not show up in Extension Manager.

So, I went to the Extension Warehouse, and tried installing them from there. It says it was succesful installing both, but the button on the Top Right of the EW still says install. Normally if an install is succesful, it changes to uninstall. Programs are not available on the Extensions menu.

At a loss here. Don’t know what else to try.



Do you see any errors while starting up SketchUp?

Can you do a screenshot of the content of your Plugins folder?

Hi Thomas:

So I fired up 2017 this morning to get your screen shot, and lo and behold the extension is working!

I have no idea why, but I’ve been fighting this for several days with no sucess. I read somewhere on these forums that the Extension Warehouse has been flakey the last few days, perhaps this was the problem?

Anyway, it seems to be resolved, thanks for your help. Keep writing the extensions, I use several of yours!


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