Guide lines and drilling holes

I’m a noob, and trying to learn.A drawing I’m doing needs holes X" in dia. and centered and in a row.

  1. How do I either make the dotted guide lines so I can manually center and line up the holes, or copy and paste all the holes, X amount of inches apart and centered on a “grid”?
  2. How do I make though holes,( Like a drilled hole) I thought I did know how with the push/pull,but on the back side it was the hole pushed out.
  3. Is there a way to say how deep or high you want the push/pull to go? I.E I want say a 1/4" depth, can I type in 1/4" and the the push/pull would adjust?

See the video, here. It shows how to make a linear array of holes without having to make a “grid” of guidelines. You could copy a guideline and make an array of them but that’s unneeded in this case.

You need to tell Push/Pull where to stop. One way is to type the distance–the thickness of the part getting the hole. Another is to inference off the back side. Start the Push/Pull operation and click on an edge at the back.

Yes. You can start the Push/Pull operation and then type the distance. This is the same as Push/Pulling to make the part the required thickness or length.

You should read the Help articles on Push/Pull.

Once you’ve pushed the first hole, you can double click on each success hole and Push/Pull will push the same distance. Or you could change your thinking and reduce the thickness of the part by 1/4 in. Arrange the circles for the holes and Pull the face outside the holes back to thickness.

(Or you push the first hole and copy/array the whole thing rather than clicking on each arrayed circle :wink: )

Yep. That works unless the hole goes all the way through. If it’s a through hole you have to run Intersect Faces to separate the faces over the holes and manually delete them. That’s why my video shows creating the holes in a single face and then extruding it.

Ok I got the hole drilling down but the videos say use the move tool and then copy and then add X or * and the number you want to copy.I can’t get it to make multiples,It doesn’t do anything.Is the free different than the pro? I think I’m missing a step,or 2016 is different than what they are using. Help please.

and hit enter to complete the action.

It’s not any different between Make or Pro or between versions. As Box says, hit Enter.

Type the Move distance, hit enter, type the number of copies, hit enter. The number of copies must be in one of the following forms. n, n, xn, or nx where n is the number of copies.

You could also move the first copy to the far end of the array and use /n to evenly space the copies in between the original and the last.