Groups labelled with IFC-type are not exported properly to a IFC 3d-model

Hi, when I label groups with a IFC-type (entity info) and I export my model to IFC-format, only the last labelled group is exported. When I label components with a IFC-type, all these components are exported to the IFC-format as expected.
What should I do to get all labelled groups exported aswell?

Strange as under the hood, groups are really a category of component (just as image objects are.)

Is there any difference in groups at the top level, and nested groups ?

(Of course you know the easy answer is use components instead of groups.)

You can try the following command on a copy of your model, by pasting it into the Ruby Console.

UI.add_context_menu_handler do |popup|
  popup.add_item("Convert IFC Groups to Components") {
    model = Sketchup.active_model
    if model.classifications["IFC 2x3"].nil?
      UI.messagebox("IFC 2x3 Schema is not loaded for this model!")
    model.definitions.find_all {|d| && d.attribute_dictionary("IFC 2x3")
    }.each do |d|
      d.instances.each {|grp| grp.to_component }

No guarantees. (It worked on a test model.)

when imported they are all, always, Components, and annoyingly unique as they each have the global axis internally…

you need to export the same way to comply with the specification…

I think @TIG has a plugin to assist with the axis…


Good information can be found here, dealing with IFC and SketchUp …

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