Graphic card for sketchup studio


I’m using SketchUp Studio v-ray rendering.

Please advise me what to buy after inno3d 3090 because overheating, and we try everything to repair graphic card, firmware, thermals, drivers, etc. The carad

I’m looking now GeForce RTX PNY a4500 20gb, is this card enough future proof?

SketchUp is a single-threaded application. Beyond entry-level, the graphics card is mostly waiting for the CPU to supply it with information to convert into a screen image, so until a revolution happens and 3D applications become able to benefit from massive parallel processing, even your current card is quite enough for SketchUp, if you can sort out the hardware problems. Especially, don’t expect a noticeable performance increase from adding an ultracool whizbang graphics card.

There is a difference if you use a rendering application like V-Ray or Enscape that can use your graphics card to calculate the image. There, the number of available CUDA/RTX cores is meaningful.

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Gaming gpu’s are better for rendering than professional gpu’s, and they’re cheaper. The RTX 40 series run a lot cooler than the 30series, TSMC’s manufacturing is a lot better than Samsung’s, I have the RTX 4070ti and so far I haven’t had any issues, it runs cool even while rendering the max temp is 70 degrees Celsius, if you render big scenes with a lot of geometry the 4080 or 4090 are better options.