Google SketchUp Viewer on several mobile devices

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I’m close to committing to buying Google SketchUp Viewer for my iphone. However, I have other devices which I would want to install it on. Is it possible to download it onto different devices without paying $15 again?

It hasn’t been a Google product for years since Trimble took it over.

Usually, if you buy a product from the Play Store, it is available on any compatible device.

I have paid for SU Viewer on Android, and have it installed on three devices on the same account, as far as I am aware perfectly legally.

Not sure if the same applies to the Apple store - I only have one Apple device, an old iPad Mini. But try it.

Thanks John for the reply.

So you simply bought SUV and were able to download it onto several Andriod devices without paying several times? Might be a problem for me because my mates use devices with operating systems. If you would be so kind to try downloading it onto your iPad, that’d be great!

The Android version seems to be cheaper ($10):

Wait, I checked, and it’s the same price. I had previously bought it, and just installed it on my iPhone, without being charged. The rule with Apple, and with Google Play, is that you can install onto all of the devices you own without having to pay again. If it’s a device that belongs to someone else, that is, they log into a different store account, they would have to pay.

Yes. The devices are all connected to the same Google account.

What operating systems? You can’t share one licence between different users. The Viewer programs on macOS and on Windows are both free.

The Apple/iPad device needs a different product (SU Viewer for iOS) and a separate licence, and would have to be bought from the Apple store, not the Google Play store.

I also have a licence for my iPad, but that’s separate. As I don’t have another apple mobile device (other iPad or iPhone), I can’t tell if one licence on Apple allows you to install it on more than one device, but it probably does.

@John sorry I meant different mobile devices like Apple and Android.

@colin If I purchase on app store, how does Google play store know I’ve
bought it on the app store?

It’s true that if you have an Android version you would still have to pay to get an iOS version later on. Same is true for Candy Crush Saga. But to be honest, the viewing of 3D architecture isn’t as good in Candy Crush.

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Different licences, different programs, different source app stores - two different payments and licences.

In one ecosystem you can have any number of devices up to maximum per account (maybe five?). But separate licences for Apple and Android.

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