Google Drive Sync Errors


Having a strange issue recently with SketchUp models that I have saved on Google Drive. I access my models from multiple computers (typically one at home / one at work), and I’ve had an issue recently where Drive’s File Stream is updating the time stamp on the models correctly, but when I go to open them they often display the last saved state from that particular machine.

For example, yesterday I worked on a model from home, saved regularly, and everything on Google Drive looked to be updating normally. This morning I am in the office, and when I open the model that says it was saved yesterday, it opens a version of the model that doesn’t include any of the updates I made from home.

The only remedy I have found is that when I notice this has happened, I have to login to Drive from a browser, navigate to the file’s version history, and manually download the file with the correct timestamp. Opening that file then reflects all of my previous days work and I can continue working from there. Not only is this a workflow pain, but it presents a serious issue if I or one of my coworkers opens a model and begins working on it without realizing its an old version.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Does this seem like a SketchUp or a Google problem? Would love to find a resolution but it’s hard to pinpoint what the exact issue is.

Thanks for any help!

Sync apps that work in the background causes all kind of troubles. You might close the machine when it hasn’t uploaded, yet (upload speed is more important than download speed) They all create temp files for when it goes wrong, etc.
Especially when the files get bigger and in combination of autosave and create backup settings, it all becomes too much.

A text document works fine, but the larger the file, the greater the chance a task isn’t fulfilled when another, (autosave) kicks in.

Best to download the file and open it from a non synced location. when doen, upload to the cloud.
Or leave the computer on. (One of my colleagues has filestream, but I have removed it and go to the drive in the browser. Collegue: “I had saved the file” … Me:’ but then you shut down the computer, so it couldn’t get uploaded!’)

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the quick response! I’d had the thought that maybe I was shutting down prematurely at the end of the day and was experiencing the issue as you’ve described it, but wouldn’t I then still be able to open the file to the last saved and uploaded version?

Perhaps I need to investigate further, but my issue seems to be that there is a ‘cached’ version (for lack of a better term) that is being accessed, as I’m not only finding that the model loads a previous version but loads the version as it was last saved on any particular computer.

Anyways, for now I have been doing as you’ve suggested and re-downloading every day which works fine as I work in a very small office at the moment, but I can imagine with more employees accessing models in the future that this could quickly become a much bigger headache.