Google does not like me

Ok, so for some reason google sketchup pro 2017 is giving me the fits with one tool option.

Shift+left click is not bringing up the pan option all the time.

If i have the pencil tool, or push tool etc etc in use, and i hold shift + LC, it will not allow me to pan, it still draws a line, pushes am object or does what ever tool is in me hand haha. Is there a way to change that or at least assign a hotkey to the pan option?

Panning is so nice for me:)


I know this is such a small and possibly dumb question but its making me crazy haha

Google hasn’t had anything to do with SketchUp for nearly 6 years. Are you sure it’s Google that doesn’t like you?

You should be using the Center Mouse wheel with Shift to get Pan. Not Left click. Or you need to get the Orbit tool before holding Shift.

From the Help files:

Tip: You switch to the Pan tool temporarily while you’re in another tool:
On a three-button scroll wheel mouse, hold down the scroll wheel and the left mouse button.
On a one-button mouse or trackpad, press and hold the Control, Command, and Shift keys simultaneously while holding down the mouse button.
On any mouse, if the Orbit tool is selected, press and hold the Shift key.

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Then this pdf someone made and put on the interweb lied to me. ok thanks for helping me out I guess i could have problem solved on my own and been like " Hmm, maybe ill use the middle mouse button and click and see what happens" but nope, i choose to not use my brain today. thanks for being patient with me

really? google has had nothing to do with sketchup for 6 years? dang, i did not know that. Thanks for informing me. i guess it is google that doesnt like me haha.

I guess thats why it sasy trimble in the about section… interesting

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If it was on the interwebs, it must be true.

Not using the center mouse button for Orbit and Pan is just working harder than you need to.

Who did you buy your SU2017 pro license from?


The interwebs is pretty accurate, its not like anyone makes fake websites to post fake medical or nutrional info. that would be mean…

i got it from the utah department of education since i am a teacher for math, chem, and BASIC intro to drafting class. So i contacted whom i thought was google, about 3 years ago, and they checked out my institution where i work, then sent me over to the correct place for utah.

I come from autodesk products so things are different there haha. BUT i did not have the kind of PC’s at the school or budget to run autodesk products and i feel sketchup is easier in a sense. granted i can make some cool ■■■■ in autodesk because i used it for a while, but sketchup is just simple for the young bloods. Thats when i contacted trimble(i thought google haha) and they helped me out and got me going:)

It has been nice to show my students what they can do, especially the layout program. that is super nice.

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FWIW it was six years ago today that Trimble purchased SketchUp From Google. :wink:

And a good thing they did.


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