Getting started with sketchup pro

I bought the sketchup pro a couple of days ago, having used the free version for a few years. I want to submit a planning application so needed to have more functions. The company I bought it through said I can select paper size, scale drawings, do lettering etc, but I am struggling. maybe the language doesn’t help. Can someone please point me in the right direction. Cheers.

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SketchUp Pro comes with the LayOut application that can do all that.
You should start by doing the free courses at
There are also great learning resources at the SketchUp YouTube channel.

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This place is a learning course for Layout.

It indeed can:

  1. Select Paper Size

  2. Create Scaled Drawings

and I’m not sure what you mean by

but it can totally write and manipulate text, create title blocks with dynamic values and page numbers, and other things.

@Anssi has beat me, by a lot… Oh well.

…a learning coarse for Layout.

I think it’s pretty fine.

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Wow, I did not get it for quite a while.

I’ll get your hat for you!

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Shame on you - dad jokes on a Saturday!!

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Of course!

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Hi Anssi,
Thank you for your reply yesterday. Unfortunately I don’t seem to be getting very far. The videos are great to a point, but the very basic functions aren’t covered. This might sound rather dim, but even the eraser and paint function don’t work like the free version. The eraser erases all the work, rather than a single line I select, and the paint, again, doesn’t fill in shapes as I thought it would like the free version, in fact I can’t get it to colour any shapes. Apologies for my simple questions.

Share your SketchUp file so we can see what you’ve got set up.

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