Geting wrong fov for cameras

for SUCameraGetPerspectiveFrustumFOV the docu says:
“Retrieves the field of view in degrees of a camera object. The field of
view is measured along the vertical direction of the camera.”

that’s true, but only if aspect ratio for the a camera is not set

create a ACT camera
set aspect to 1.6
this function now returns a horizontal FOV

maybe worth mentioning in the docs…

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Ah, yes - we have that same issue in the Ruby API. It’s on our list to address.

That is an interesting “feature”. To replicate the behaviour of film cameras, the FOV ought to be measured diagonally if the aspect ratio is fixed.


That’s certainly how it probably makes most sense to present to the user. Though as part of the API this is reflected as it’s being represented internally in SketchUp. Extension developers can compute the diagonal FOV for end user presentation. All though, for that to be reliably we need to expose the flag that says if our internal FOV if vertical or horizontal. I’d actually like to have a couple of wrapper methods to return vertical, horizontal and diagonal in the API so developers don’t need to make that check every time.