Geo-Location Problem in SketchUp Pro 2022 Trial

I’ve been using the 2017 version of Make for years, but now I need to geo-locate one of my models. Due to the Trimble-Google fallout, geo-locate does not work in 2017 Make. So, I started a 30-day trial of 2022 Pro to test the geo-locate functionality.
But when the location snap shot comes into my model, it appears as a nearly solid color rectangle. There is no imagery discernable. I’ve tried it at various geo-locate zoom levels from 1 to 18…same result. Any idea why?? How do I get visible geo-located imagery??

You will have to share your model or the location that you are trying to use or something. Unfortunately, there is no way to help you troubleshoot your issue without more information.

Check the View menu, Face Style. Make sure it’s on Shaded With Textures.

Thanks Colin, you were dead right!! I’m used to working with textures off for the most speed & stability in my models, so I never gave it a thought. As soon as I turned textures on, my snapshot image appears as it should.