Geo Location Imagery Not Showing

Hello, I am trying to import imagery and terrain from the geolocation feature. It uploads the terrain but not the imagery. I have attached an image for reference. I have textures and images turned on. Due to it showing the crossed out camera symbol on the terrain, I’m assuming there’s a different problem.


Reduce the resolution setting or use a different provider for the imagery.

What’s the location.

Lowering the resolution did the trick. Thanks. Not sure why it was a problem this time. I haven’t had an issue in the past.

It depends on the location.

How long ago did you last use the Geo-Location feature? There was a change not too long ago which added imagery from Bing Maps. For some areas that imagery is higher resolution than that which comes from Digital Globe but they don’t cover all areas at that higher res yet.

I saw a notification that there had been an update in August. I don’t think I’ve used it since then. That must be it. Location is Grande Prairie, AB, Canada.

Hopefully Bing will get up to that area soon to make better photos for you.