Gable shape walls in house model


I am a new user with SU Make17.
In the first image I want to extend the walls marked red up to the gable shape roof line as marked green.
When I use the pen to create the gable shape the second image is what happens.
How do I achieve what I want?
Many thanks for your help.


It looks as if you may not be using components and/or layers correctly. Your geometry is joined up, but should be separated using components (or groups - but generally components are better).

It cannot be said too often: always have Layer0 set as the active layer to draw your geometry and make each element into a component as you go.

‘Layers’ in SketchUp ONLY control visibility, and should be assigned only to groups, components or other drawing elements like dimensions and text. They do NOT separate geometry, as in some other CAD programs, or Photoshop.

Read the help on Layers, or search this forum for numerous posts by people having problems with this misconception.

Upload your SKP file here (7the icon, up pointing arrow above where you type your post) if you want further clarification, or help fixing your model.


john…wow…what a super quick response. I will look into your advice. Thankyou.