Future of Sketchup (including Pro) in 2021-2022

Mike, Sonder tell me that I am not exploring enough the evolution of the product. What is your favorite new function or improvement in Layout 2021 ?

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He Christophe / @presence-architecture or whomever you are now, thanks for asking, my favorite addition in LayOut was actually introduced a version earlier, control of tags in the SketchUp viewport. For 2021, we can now just type the scale instead of choosing from a list.

I am now learning Unreal Engine, managed to create a texture:

The next two years I will be spending some more time in Unreal, I hope to show some results next year :joy:

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I really like tag control also from 2020 which was further enhanced by tag folders also accessible in Layout.

We were talking about 2021, but why not 2020.

Honestly, I’m not saying it’s completely unnecessary (I used it, and rolled back to the 2018 version by choice), but these are just settings. We are very far from real development work. The difference on the workflow is in the case where a scene is not well prepared with the layers. I also find it interesting in my case to have given up on these improvements. I had no problem without it.

“Just type the scale instead of choosing from a list” … Maybe it’s more useful in imperial unit … In metric system we always use the same scales. And again, even the Mac’s notepad app has been further improved.

That’s why you read the release notes….LOL!

there is far more use of tag control than simply “fixing” improperly set up scenes in SU. You simply haven’t explored them yet.

Sounds like you leaning towards moving on from SU since you feel the team is not working on improvements…which they are. If you actually took the time to read the release notes and what they are working on you would see that.

There is nothing wrong for looking for improvements and constructive criticism. However saying they’ve done nothing in a decade is absurd and is of no help to the team in any way. Are you a beta member? If not, maybe see if you can be and be a part of the improvements rather than a sideline complainer.

I know the layers now also control line weights, dots, colors, ok. And I read the annoying release notes.

In programming, and simplifying (I’m not going to talk about data tree structure, etc …), in fact it’s simple, an entity whose layer is not hidden will be displayed with its associated attributes. The entity whose layer is hidden is ignored. OpenGL gives developers the ability to display dotted lines, with different thicknesses, in color (ex : glLineWidth - OpenGL 4 Reference Pages)

I have participated in a lot of beta testing on several software and I program myself.
And maybe even in one of your software, you use a function that I had suggested. (LOL)

I’m an Architect? I don’t have software. I’m a user only.

If you are so versed, do you think your criticism in this thread has been constructive? In one thread you haven’t read the release notes, now suddenly you’ve read them all?

Then state with confidence that no progress has happened in a decade. The whole conversation is getting old.

Move on man!


I had read the development notes, but there was so little interest that I couldn’t even remember what I had read at the moment.

I never said nothing had been done, there were some interesting improvements. We are talking about underdevelopment, which is very visible on the latest versions. That is to say that we think (I am not the only one to say it, including on this forum) that in 10 years, in reality very little has been done, compared to previous years, and also to other software. And that’s a real shame, because there was huge potential.

You don’t need to be developper to understand underdevelopment, as user you can see the improvement of other CAD program and compare.
I quickly went to see your work which is very good, and I begin to understand your point of view. I have used SketchUp + Layout thoroughly, but perhaps I am more detached now from its peculiarities.

Work In Progress…