Furniture design? - I am trying to build a simple piece of PVC furniture using Formufit parts

I have downloaded the parts from the supplier but can’t find the tool to drag the parts from the unzipped file to Sketchup project.
I’m excited about the potential using both Sketchup and Formufit.


I’ve used Formufit componenents before on a large PVC project. Let me know how you get along!

For now, as @mihai.s has illustrated, probably the best way to go about this is to download the components you want from and upload them manually to SketchUp as you need them. You can also batch-upload the Formufit components directly into your Trimble Connect account at Then when you insert components into a model in SketchUp for Web, you’ll have your FormuFit components in one folder.

I think we can make it a bit smoother to access specific 3D Warehouse collections in SketchUp for Web, so I’ll let you know as we make this a little smoother.