Furniture connections

Im building a model of a wardrobe and I want to draw de holes for connections (Minifix, dowels) in order to send it to the wood store and they make de cuttings. Can you help me in how to do this or give me an idea?

Thank you in advance!

First make each board a separate component or group (you should do this anyway for furniture models). Verify that each is a solid and correct as needed until they are. Now make another component shaped like the connector. Move it into place and use solid tools trim to create the hole in the board.

Thank you! Im trying what you said. Do i have to trim every single connector one by one, or for instance, put two connectors in one panel and trim them together?

If you create the pair of connectors as a single solid group or component, you can create the holes in one step.

Here, 5 dowels in a single solid component making five holes in one go.

If you use components instead of groups and use one of the solid tool extensions (Eneroth Solid Tools or BoolTools2) instead of the native Trim, you’ll be able to trim all instances of the component at the same time as I showed in my example.