Inserting Dowels into a Workpiece

No matter how often Dave Richards teaches me about solid tools, I can’t seem to do it right on my own. I want to show inserting some dowels into a component. Let’s suppose I have a leg component with a tenon on the bottom going into a foot component that has a receiving mortise. Now I want to insert dowels into the side of the foot going through the tenon for stability. Do I leave that dowel as a separate component or do I use Enroth Solid tools in some way? Sorry if that is not a very clear question.

Do you want to look at this together?

The dowel should be a separate component.

I just did a sample for someone else with a doweled joint so it’s all set up for you.

You do both! Create the dowel as a separate component, move it into place, and then use the trim tool to create its hole through the other parts.

Sure, if you have the time I would love to have you show me via Gotomeeting

Setting it up now.

You can also place dowels without using Solid tools. First, create the dowel hole in one piece (make sure it’s a component). Select the hole with a left-to-right box, copy it, and place it in the mating piece (make sure this is a component, too). Go back to the first component and open it for editing. Double-click the face at the base of the hole. Close the component and go to Edit>Paste in place. Get the Push/Pull tool, click on the face you just pasted it in place, and pull up to create the dowel. Make it a component.

Thanks! And I love your book!

Thanks for the good words. Good luck with the dowels.