Frustration with Windows inconsistent treatment of capitalization


I’m selling a lot of my stuff on EBay. Part of my workflow to prepare an item for sale is to take pictures with my DSLR, load them onto my computer, sort through them to choose which ones I’ll use, and to edit them appropriately.

My Nikon automatically names the file with capitalized extensions (.JPG instead of .jpg and .NEF instead of .nef). When it comes time to resize/edit/annotate, Windows doesn’t recognize the capitalized extension to select the program to use! This is despite the fact that Windows knows enough about the file to create an icon with the correct preview in the file explorer!

Even more maddeningly, if I try to rename the file - changing only the extension to lower case, Windows applies a case insensitive test to see if I’ve actually changed things - and leaves them in UPPER CASE!

When I double click on a file with an uppercase extension, Windows always asks what program I want to use.

One thing I tried: I navigated through Settings (Windows 10) to the screen where you can designate which program to use for which extension - but all the extensions are in lower case - and you can’t add an upper case version!

Any ideas how I can force Windows to either: Recognize upper case extensions as equivalent to their lower case equivalent? Or to recognize and honor my renaming an upper case extension to lower case?

Thanks in advance!

New Category Idea - "Off Topic"
New Category Idea - "Off Topic"

Try pressing F5 after you rename a file.


Cool! The F5 trick does what I need! Thanks @jim_foltz!


I think the rename takes place without pressing F5 however pressing F5 forces file explorer to refresh the view.


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