Front View missing in Views Toolbar, v. 17.2.2555

I just reinstalled Sketchup and find that in the Views toolbar, the button for going to the straight-on (front) view is missing. Any suggestion as to how I can find that function?
Thank you.

What operating system? Your profile is incomplete.

If it’s Windows, the first thing to look at is did you install SketchUp properly? Did you right click on the installer file and use Run as administrator? If you did anything else to install, it isn’t installed correctly.

The second thing for a Windows installation is to go to View>Toolbars. Highlight the Views toolbar in the list and click on Reset.

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Hello Dave,

Sorry–have been missing in action since we corresponded in late October.
Your “reset” tip did the trick. Thank you!

Will fill out my profile. It is nice to know that there is help
potentially available.

Roger Thrall

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