Views missing in Sketchup 16

I have upgraded to SketchUp 16 and customized my menu toolbars. However the front view and roof plan views are missing. Can you assist?

Right click on the gray area of the toolbar, and find “Views” and click it.

Or, select “Tool bars…” at the bottom of the drop down. and check “Views”

if those six icons are what you are looking for…

What are they missing from? By default the Views toolbar contains Top and Front views. If yours isn’t displaying them, open the window as @josephkim626 shows and hit Reset All.

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Ah, right. I didn’t consider the possibility of the user accidentally removing the icon off from default set.

I know all that but my view tool menu only have iso, right, back and left - NO roofplan and NO front options.

If I reset all I will loose everything else that I have done already won’t I?

Not unless you’ve modified other native toolbars. It won’t do anything to your new custom toolbars.

You can use Reset to resent just the selected bar.


Fantastic - Thank you!