From 3D model to 2D shop working precise dimensional plans

Hello every one, I am designing kitchen and closet furniture on sketchup and love the program. I have difficulty going from my 3D model to 2D high presicion drawings. Can anyone suggest to me the best way of doing this? Or how to procede in obtaining shop dimensional plans?

The first part requires that you model accurately and with precision. With your model built correctly, create scenes to show the model as needed. Then use LayOut to create the shop drawings.

Sounds like you would do well to go through the tutorials at

Be reminded that you cannot use layout in iPad, but you can use your SketchUp for iPad models on Layout in the desktop

Ok thanks Dave!

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You’re welcome. FWIW, this is the first sheet of a set of shop drawings for a drawing table. Every view of the model including the full size patterns for the curves are viewports tied to scenes in the SketchUp model.

All dimensions and labels were added in LayOut. The materials list is an imported spreadsheet that was generated from the SketchUp model

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Hello Dave
Looks wonderful and a lot of hours put in that one drawing
Question: How do you achieve that partially exploded view in your left hand lower corner without exploding all your scenes?

Thank you. Not really that much time.

There’s a second copy of the model for the exploded views (there are several exploded views on the second sheet, too.) There are also copies of the components arranged for the 2D views for dimensioning. The perspective view, top right, and the elevations, bottom right are made looking at the original, assembled copy near the origin.

It’s important for proper model management that all parts are components here and that proper tag usage is observed…

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