Friday Live Stream

Can anyone please advise me how I might watch today’s live stream? Thanks

I guess I’d click on one of the links in Aaron’s post depending on which platform you want to watch it on.

Thanks, I’m a bit late to the social media craze and don’t quite know how to best navigate all these channels. I need to figure it out as I have need to generate interest in my ‘brand’ as they now say. Does YouTube automatically update as this pops up, or do I need to keep refreshing until it is there?

Your browser probably won’t update the page automatically. Just wait until shortly before Aaron starts and click the link then.

Of course I’m in South America in a time zone that with the Northern Hemisphere on Daylight savings, is the same time as my stomping grounds in Michigan. What time zone is this broadcast from? 2 hours behind Michigan I’m guessing?

If it’s Eastern Daylight Time, that would make it 2:00 pm for you.

thanks again

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I bet Easter Daylight Time doesn’t last long each year.

Skeeter is Paraguay Standard Time, which currently is the same as EDT.