Free plan confusion

Hi all,

I was wondering if it would be possible to create a new category for People to choose from when creating their forum profile?
People who are using the trial of SketchUp Pro/Studio often choose “free plan” which causes a lot of confusion on the forum as to what SktchUp version they are actually using and thus what answer is appropriate…
A new option like “Pro trial” would eliminate that confusion…

Edit: trying to get this some attention from the SketchUp people…
@TheOnlyAaron @TheGuz @colin @CaseyG


yeah, there is a similar confusion between SU for school (kids) and SU pro with the student discount (older kids)

but one is online, based on web, the other pro.


Good call @ateliernab , thats another one that could use some TLC…

An excellent suggestion @tweenulzeven. I agree that we need to revise it, but I lack the ability to make any edits like that. I am sure that the others you tagged in this post might have more insight on who we can ask about making that change though so I’ll leave it to them to reply, although it may take a while as some people at the office are still out for the holidays to visit family. Hopefully we can get a few changes made in 2024 that will help eliminate at least some confusion.


I don’t know if it’s post Xmas arrivals or new semester, but these days more and more people come with the “free plan - 2023”

and it’s annoying.