Foundation plan

How do i turn my floor plan into a normal foundation plan without seeing the cutting/open edges of the doors and window? Or should i create my foundation plan at the initial stage of my modelling in the making of rooms before pushing my walls to the required height, then move it to the layout please i need guide?

well, you’ve modelled walls with openings, and you’ve placed a section cut through it, so you get a plan with walls and openings.

If you want a foundation plan, you’ll need to model the foundations below those walls, and place a section cut there.

you don’t have to do it at the start of the project, you can do it later. but you’ll have to do it…
Can’t represent something that isn’t modelled in the first place.

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Oh thats a very perfect ieda.

Besides, why when i wants to make some lines around the foundation plan in layout like the one you see above, lines cover up foundation model in layout instead it shows up?

layout works in 2d. when you draw a shape, it’ll be on top of what’s existing.

you have several solutions :

  • you could select the shape and in the shape’s info on the right, remove the fill.
  • you could right click on the shape and place it in the back
  • you could place the plan on a layer, and the shapes on another layer below the plan.

if you end up modelling the foundations in 3d in sketchup, you could place them on a foundation tag.
and in layout, when choosing stuff like scale and view, you can actually edit the way tags show up. and have the foundation tag show as dashed lines

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Sounds interesting.

How do i customised my own scrapbook with symbols pleased?

basically create a new layout file, draw your symbols, group them, and then save your layout file in the folder that contains the scrapbook.

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it depends on your foundation requirements, the first post showing a foundation plan that seems way over complex (re: expensive) as well as confusing. most foundations (for residential at least) are primarily the perimeter walls and then either slab, basement, or internal floor support structures (like posts and beams).

i tend to draw out the outline of the structure i need the foundation in, and then build up my walls to make sure they’re right, then adjust the foundation lines as needed to accommodate the sheathing and siding etc. then create the foundation. if it’s simple, i’ll just make the foundation first, but i don’t often do simple…



Well images i sent are floor plan and foundation plan as the second one, am talking of to make it more of like the second one as foundation plan.Not like the one you just sent to me.
Besides, from his explanation i try to drew the foundation under the walls but it doesn’t work for me

typically for a home, you would use a slab inside the perimeter stem walls. or if this had a basement, then floor joists etc. so, except for load bearing internals, where you might place an inner flooting in a slab or post on a footing for the support, it’s common for a monolithic slab.

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How do i delete some of my scrapbook page after after editing ?

No need to double post.

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