Forum Posting Knowledge Dissementation

Forum posting options different for different folks. Some posting show a short cut for a link others show the fully qualified path. As usual search turns up nothing. It would really be nice to et us poor folks know what is going on with modicum of information

I think there’s a difference if you insert a newline before the link. Or do you mean this difference: Forum Posting Knowledge Dissementation and this? Do you have an example for the difference?

Think this covers it, my search has turned up nothing. Is the how to covered some place??

The hamburger menu has a guide to keyboard shortcuts.
Unfortunately it doesn’t include all the shortcuts available in the Reply box.

Notice in the Reply box there’s a keyboard shortcut for Hyperlink.

I typically insert hyperlinks like this:
• Copy the URL to your clipboard.
• Select the desired text in the Reply box and hit Ctrl+L … (the Insert Hyperlink dialog appears)
• Then hit Ctrl+V to paste the URL into the Insert Hyperlink dialog and then hit Enter