Different Hamburger Menus!

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It looks like the hamburger menu in our Discourse instance has variations.

The difference is in the last entry - way down at the bottom:

On my laptop running Windows 10 and viewed in Chrome, “Desktop View” and “Mobile View” appear alternately - clicking on one changes the screen layout and also changes the hamburger menu to the other.

@mics_54 reports the same for “chrome on mobile”.

But @DanRathbun and @Box both see “Keyboard Shortcuts” in this space at all times.

And @simoncbevans has a last full line with “About” and “Keyboard Shortcuts”! On his Mac using Chrome the “FAQ” is at the top of the hamburger menu and is flagged as a new feature!

At first, I thought this (view toggling vs “Keyboard Shortcuts”) might be a configurable option, but I find nothing relating to it in my forum preferences.

Any ideas that might explain these differing behaviours?

You likely got your Chrome into “mobile” development mode somehow.

I don’t really CARE about this anymore. The main point was showing Simon WHERE the hamburger menu was, NOT nitpicking about what was on it.

I have code to work on.

What explains it is…mobile chrome can utilize the desktop views if used on some devices where screens are large enough. There is no use for a mobile view on a desktop version of chrome ( unless of course as a developers tool as Dan pointed out) so the option would be …useless.

You’re absolutely right on this. And that’s why I moved this conversation into a new topic once it went far afield.

I started this tangent in the original thread because I saw mention of three info page links and was curious what was there other than the “FAQ” which was already under discussion. So I checked, but saw only two info links and the view toggle. If I’d seen a @box’s screen capture before I started, I’d likely have split off this topic then and there, but as there was a chance that Simon would see what I saw, instead of what you described - and be confused, I thought it reasonable to keep in the original thread. Once the discussion went farther afield, I spun off the new thread – which you’re welcome to mute.


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Hmmm… I guess, technically, I might appear to be mobile. I’m running a laptop with a 1280x1024 bulit in screen, docked to a docking connector with the internal screen blanked and actually using two 24" 1920x1280 displays. But even my built in screen is large enough that I’d be surprised if Chrome considers it to be “mobile”. When I use it undocked, I get desktop versions of all web pages I can recall.

When I’m working in chrome on my tablet or my phone (both Android), I frequently go between “request desktop” and “request mobile”, but that’s part of Chrome’s hamburger menu, not the Discourse hamburger menu!

I quite understand why Dan has lost patience with this topic.

However, @sjdorst may be interested to know that my hamburger menu has changed since I read the FAQ page. It now looks like this:

So it could be that the page only shows at the top and as new until you have read it. I noticed that I earned a badge for having done so (yay!).

As Dan pointed out before, it is not really a FAQ page but I suspect we had better not even go there!

Based on your recent experience, I just used the menu to go to the FAQ page and read it. Then checked on my hamburger menu.

No changes. Still showing the view toggle at the bottom and no “Keyboard Shortcuts”

Did some more testing on other browser/platform combinations:

MS Edge on Windows 10, docked laptop - Keyboard Shortcuts
MS Internet Explorer or Windows 10, docked laptop - Mobile/Desktop view (toggles back and forth)
Chrome on Pixel XL, Android 8.1.0 - Mobile/Desktop view (toggles back and forth)
Chrome on Pixel C Tablet, Android 8.1.0 - Mobile/Desktop view (toggles back and forth)

That’s all the platform/browser combinations I have installed on any device.

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