Changes to forum

Do I detect changes to the way the forum works? Two things I have noticed today. One is that you can now see what category a new post has been assigned to. The second is that you don’t seem to be able to edit a post you’ve written without giving a reason for the edit.

This is a test by adding later edit after an hour or so.

Although I have the same impression, my memory is “rather short”. I can’t put my finger on these differences.
As for editing, I’ll try that out with this text. This is version 1 of my text.

And this is added (editing my post) as version two without any other written reason.

Version 3: I guess you are wrong about having to give any reason.

Good. It’s just that when I went to edit a post earlier today, it wouldn’t let me and I hadn’t noticed the question about reason for edit before (doesn’t mean it wasn’t there - I probably just overlooked it). Could it be time related (ie only allowed to edit without a reason within a short period)?

This para is an edit addition to test it. If it works, you’re right although this is immediately after the original post.

I believe it has always given you a ‘review’ window that allows for quick edits to catch typo’s, etc…

after others have read or replied you have always had the option off adding a reason…

you need to check an older post to test if this is now ‘compulsory’…

I find those who constantly update their OP often make the responders look foolish, and the replies appear nonsensical…


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Fair point. I guess most people only do it immediately after posting because they realize they got something wrong, misspelt something, or suddenly thought of another relevant point. If it were an essay, you would not publish until everything was right but in forums you tend to shoot form the hip a bit.

I just edited my OP so it doesn’t look as if anything has changed. So I have no idea why I couldn’t edit a post earlier today.

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Except in the case of an immediate fix caught before there are any other posts, I always annotate my corrections with “Edit:”. I suppose I should also include something like “based on xxx’s post below” to be absolutely clear. Otherwise, as @john_drivenupthewall wrote, subsequent posts lose their anchor and look at best irrelevant at worst stupid.


That’s how I use the facility. Maybe there should be a protocol (enforced or informal) that encourages anyone wanting to edit after another post has been added to put it in a new post and not edit the original?

That begs for an edit on the original saying “see correction below”.

I’ve noticed the front page looks different since a few days back. can’t put my finger on exactly what has cnahed, but it looks like there is more white space within the list somehow.

I’m glad we don’t have automatic updates in SketchUp. I can stand that feeling of something-is-odd-but-I-don’t-know-why on an internet forum, but don’t want it in the tools I rely on.

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The category is no longer in it’s own column. Instead, it’s below the post title. Leaving more room for a lengthy title - in the same width browser window.

I saw a thread in the Discourse meta group a few weeks ago where this change was suggested and had overwhelmingly enthusiastic response. I’d gotta leave for work, so I don’t have time to find the thread and link to it.


That’s it! I can see it now! this leaves a lot of white space to the right where the category used to be, as well further to the right where there is still one row of information, despite each list item having gotten almost twice as hight.

I also noticed something amiss this morning, but wasn’t sure what. Thanks for the heads up.

@sam I wish changes to all discourse hosted forums would post notices in their respective Meta categories.


A drawback found. The page now requires much more scrolling. And we can no longer easily click the category column to sort by category. Instead we must use a specific URL


I still haven’t gone to look at the thread on Discourse Meta, but I recall that this specific objection was raised - and the consensus was that people are far more likely to simply click a category to restrict their view to a particular category than to sort the “Latest” listing by category.

And to @Sam: I second Dan’s wish that “changes to all discourse hosted forums would post notices in their respective Meta categories.”


I often use a quick 5 letter respond to get the first post/respond, especially when @DaveR is awake. I then read what the solution is (written by the beaten second responder) and then edit my first post :joy::smiley:


Care to share this 2 characrer response with us? Or is it censored?

5 letter, 2 character? Are we playing Mah Jong now?

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Just phone typos

I know how to phone home, but who is typos? Is he Greek?

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On another Discourse-based forum, they blamed Discourse for the change in the look of the front page. I too dislike the new look. I would prefer to have as many posts as possible visible at the same time (=all info on a single line, and less padding)