FORMATO DE ARCHIVO INESPERADO, no puedo abrir mi archivo

2023, but I can’t oppen it says unexpected file format (formato de archivo inesperado) when it opens it is empty it has nothing

Sk pro 2023

Then it must be the pro version unless you are using a cracked version. Fix your forum profile.

Update to the latest version of SketchUp 2023 or to 2024 and you will be able to open it.

By the way, I noticed incorrect tag usage. This is the result of fix it.
Screenshot - 5_5_2024 , 5_45_08 PM
Also, you should purge unused stuff from the file.
Screenshot - 5_5_2024 , 5_45_33 PM
That reduced the file size by53%.

thank you so much, it works!

Hi @DaveR Could you help me solve a problem with an old file that I want to open? I don’t remember which version it was made with, but now I use 2022 pro.

You have to make the file accessible. Change the permissions so I can download it.

Sorry, now you can download it!

I can’t open either one. They don’t even appear to be SketchUp model files…

Changed what I had said. Neither the SKP or SKB would recover.

You have to make the file available.

Are you using a cracked version of SketchUp?

Where are you saving the file as you are working on it?

Hola @colin buenas tardes, tuve un problema con varios de mis archivos, el mensaje que aparece “El archivo parece no ser un modelo de Sketchup”, por favor si pudiera alguien ayudarme se los agradeceria! Ya trate cambiando el SKB a SKP y no funcionó

Hello @colin , good afternoon, I had a problem with several of my files, the message that appears “The file appears not to be a Sketchup model”, please if you could help me or someone I would appreciate it!
I already tried changing the SKB to SKP and it didn’t work

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? SketchUp for Schools is a web based version for young school children. “arquitectura” does not identify a version. “2022” does not identify an operating sytem. Are you using a cracked version of SketchUp? WHere have you been saving the files while working on them? The file called Casa Villa Magna N1.skp is not a SketchUp file. It looks like a bunch of Vray data. There isn’t even a SketchUp header.

Hola estoy usando la versión de sketchup 2022, el sistema operativo es para windows. Cuando actualice a la versión gratuita de sketchup 2024 mis archivos se corrompieron. Se salvan en un disco extraible ya que mi laptop no tiene suficiente almacenamiento. Te puedo compartir captura de pantalla de como se ven los archivos corrompidos.

Justo como puedes ver, los archivos cambiaron de icono por uno mas grande

Please correct your forum profile.

There is no free version of SketchUp 2024.

I expect it’s saving your files to the external drive that is the cause of them becoming corrupted. We’ve see that happen to others before. SketchUp 2024 would not have saved the file you shared as I showed in my previoous post. My guess is that all of files showing the SketchUp logo instead of a screenshot of the model are corrupted as well.

I would suggest clearing some space on the internal drive so you can move your files to it when you want to open them and work on them. Only copy them back to the external drive after you’ve saved and closed the file in SketchUp.

No, me referia a que baje el free trial de skp 2024 y ahi fue cuando se corrompieron mis archivos, ya actualice mi informacion, gracias.
Por lo que veo entonces no hay manera de recuperar esos archivos?
Okay trabajare de esa manera y solo el disco extraible lo usare para guardar copias de seguridad