Foreground vanishing when getting closer

MacOS 10.10.5, Make 17
I’ve been getting this more and more often; When moving in for detail work, a sort of section plane effect kicks in, way further away than it should. It’s a little like in parallel projection, but while in regular, perspective view.
Restarting often did the trick, but not so much anymore…

Search the forum for Clipping.

OK, thanks…

Sorry that was a bit short but I’m going to bed and it is such a common issue there are many threads about it.
But you needed the word ‘Clipping’.


Seems to happen often when a comp is opened for edit

Don’t know if there’s a relation, but I seem to get this when re-scaled entities are present. As I’m intersecting curved volumes often for this project, I go to 1000x to avoid SU’s lower precision limit. If I went metric, I could stay at the higher scale, but this is off Victorian era Britain drawings and specs. Makes calculations awkward.
Another likely suspect could be the use of the axis tool…

Je rencontre souvent ce problème, et pour y remédier je fais un “Zoom étendu” , mon raccourci clavier : Maj + Z.
100% de réussite, et ces instantané.

Eh bien, pour moi, ça ne règle rien; Le zoom élargit bien le champ, mais aussitôt que je rentre, le comportement se répète. La dernière fois, j’ai tout remis dans un nouveau fichier, et tout est rentré dans l’ordre.
Lorsque je retourne consulter un fichier qui a eu ce problème, il y persiste.
Agaçant, pour le moins.

in the toolbar: camera> parallel perspective
with the good camera angle should work.

but avoid changing the camera angle

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