Forbidden symbol in tools


Some tools include a “forbidden symbol” (circle with a diagonal bar) and can’t be used. How do I eliminate the symbol so the tool is usable?


What tools? Can you show us a screen shot?


I am trying to use the Follow Me tool to make a toe kick in a cabinet.


Your image doesn’t show it, so far as I can see (screen capture probably lost the cursor), but many tools change the cursor to the circle with a slash when the object under the cursor isn’t a candidate for the tool’s operation. For example, a face inside a component or group isn’t eligible for pushpull or followme unless that component is open for edit.


I expect the cabinet is a group or component and you haven’t got a path in the same context as the rectangle you’re trying to extrude. You probably need to open the cabinet component/group for editing and draw the rectangle inside on the face. If you share the SKP file we can tell you for sure.


Yes, the cabinets are grouped. I draw a rectangle to use with the Follow me tool, but I can’t proceed without un-grouping the cabinets. The tutorial doesn’t indicate to explode the group. Any ideas?


I don’t know what tutorial you are referring to, but you might need to double click the cabinet to edit the group before drawing the rectangle.


You are right.
Thank you


No need to ungroup. You just need to open the group for editing. Double click with Select or right click and choose Edit Group.


It worked. Disappointed with the Tutorial that I purchased when got the program online.

Thanks again !


What tutorial are you referring to?



So they didn’t show opening the group before adding the rectangle for the toe kick profile?


Nope, they just draw the rectangle on the cabinet surface.
I am new to SketchUp, but I have more than twenty years practicing Auto Cad (I am an architect)… so I don’t get too frustrated. I have always learned more from those like yourself who practice more than manuals or tutorials.
Thanks again