Font - Century Gothic - on a Mac

Been working for Vanillawood for a few months, and they are a Mac based office.

Their primary font on presentations is Century Gothic. I have it on every other program on this machine, but not in Layout. I need to find a version of this font I can use in Layout, on a Mac. I believe it works fine on my PC at home.

Best I can tell from searching the forums, I need an .otf version to install. Tried finding it online, but all the websites I found looked super sketchy and like virus hubs -or- the font wasn’t actually Century Gothic but a different Gothic style.

Any safe spots to find this font? I’d pay for it, since I try to produce everything in SketchUp / Layout when possible.


This page has Century Gothic. It does appear in LayOut after you have dragged the folder to Font Book:

The page does talk about what you can use the font for, and it may be that if it’s for commercial use you have to get a paid version.

If you subscribe to any Adobe products you could also get the TypeKit version from here:

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Another option might be to use a utility like TransType 4 to convert the font file you have to what you need. I had to do that this past year with some old type faces that didn’t like a recent OS upgrade.

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