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Hi Everyone it’s been a little while but such is life , i am using the follow me tool but I am wondering if I can use it in the following way

I am design a table top that actually has 2 piece of wood joined together I want to use the follow me tool to apply a ogee profile around the outside of the combined pieces can it be done, when I am doing it applies it to the middle joint line.



You can’t run Follow Me around two different components at the same time. If the table top is made of only two pieces, I’d guess they are symmetrical so they could be instances of the same component. If that’s the case, you can add the ogee to one and it’ll also show on the other.

If that doesn’t help, share your SKP file so we can see what you’ve got.


Ogee Profile.skp (243.6 KB)

I though so Dave


I want to keep the 2 boards to keep my cutlist accurate… but that isn’t a big deal


Got time to look now?


Sure do


Check you PMs.


Pm me your Credit card number and Dave will sort you out.


Thanks Dave worked out awesome, my ogee isn’t as pretty as yours!


Glad it worked out. I can’t see your image. did you use the profile from the model you uploaded? I only copied it to use for the demo.


Made a new one… I must have saved the screenshot as a png and not jpg… sorry


Screenshots can be PNGs. Mine always are. You have to wait until it’s fully uploaded before you hit the Reply button.


I should be called the impatient woodworker lol


New YouTube channel. :smiley:


So everyone can learn… :slight_smile:



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