Follow me tool advice

Good Morning, Looking for a way to modify path after using follow me tool. I want to change/add to path that already that has object/follow me attached to path.


If you’re going to want to modify the path or use it again, don’t attach it to the profile. Or copy the path before you run Follow Me. No matter what way you do it, you’ll need to be thinking ahead.

To add to those options given by @DaveR, have path and profile in different contexts. Say path outside the profile group’s context.

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For this you need a plug-in, e.g. the paid Profile Builder

Need is a strong word. You could use an extension but it isn’t required.

I agree with @DaveR and @Wo3Dan.
But what you could do now is delete everything but the profile and the path, change the path to your likings, make a copy of your new path or make it a group, and run follow-me again.

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The key word here is “after”. What native SU tools do you think I should use to change the output object by modifying only the path (i.e. as OP wrote after using Follow me)?

Dont write me please, that I can use Ruby Console ;-D

I think we’ve all read that. We showed OP ways to keep the original path. How that could be changed (with or without native tools) depends mostly on what the path looks like. No distinct answer without a skp-file.