Fog & Focal length option in styles

I would like to see the Fog feature included in a style with the drop down options included in another button on the “edit” tab. (They are already grouped together in the scenes preferences)

I would also like to see a check box to determine if the fog had an effect on edges and/or faces (currently both would be ticked, but if only one was ticked then only that would be affected by the fog. And some current styles with fancy line styles ignore the fog effect - I think this would prevent scene transitions from instantly showing these lines; they would gradually be revealed as the fog changed.)
While talking about scene changes: going from having fog to no fog between scenes should transition the sliders to infinity rather than suddenly snap it off.*

The colour selection would be nice to change too so that the fore-ground and background colours were available to be selected or you could use a pipette to select a colour from an existing element on-screen.

The sliders are a really intuitive way to set/change the fog, but I think it would be even better if you could drag two dots down one of the axis (the closest to the mouse when in this “edit” mode) and/or type in an actual value for the start and end of the fade.
I also note that the slider and the points on it relate to the origin of the model as 0; as you move, then the area of fog moves down the slider. I think this would be much better if the area of fog remains fixed; either lock the fog to a specific point (origin) and when you move, you move into/out of the fog. OR the distance is relative to the camera with the current position as 0.

Another really cool feature would be if you could specify if the fog was spherical (as is just now) or planar (define R,G or B planes) {Actually I think that it is currently planer - just a parallel plane to the viewing angle}

The other half of this F.Req is that it would be cool to add a focal length to the styles: similar to the fog slider except everything between the two markers is in focus and things outside of it become progressively more blurred. (Perhaps another field for the “drop-off”?)

Have a central “focus” point that can be defined by clicking on an object or typing in a value. Outer markers to either side of this are where the drop-off starts.

Tic box to set the focal distance relative to the drawing origin or relative to the camera (as per the fog)

Changing scenes with changing focal lengths would have a smooth transition (like changing view points and changing fog settings does)

Under this same style sub-group (Camera settings) I would also like to see a field for the FOV percent that could/would be saved with the style.

BTW I also think that the “Colour By Layer” should have a button of it’s own in the styles menu (along side wire-frame, hidden line, shaded, sh+textures, monochrome)

*edit - there is a bug here: setting a scene with fog on and both sliders to infinity screws up the transition to any other scene with fog turned on.