Advanced Fog Options

The ability to have consistent fogging across multiple scenes. And, the option to specially NOT fog section lines and section fill.

This ability already exists.

This could be cool.

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Where is the ability to have consistent fogging across multiple scenes?

Either make the scenes after you’ve made the fog settings or make the fog settings and then select the scenes that you want to apply the fog setting to and update those scenes with only the Style and Fog setting selected…

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Doing that messed up my other scenes.

Messed them up how?

I am utilizing Nick Sonder’s building model skp template that has raster and vector scenes. For whatever reason, having only Style and Fog selected did not give me consistent fogging across my raster scenes but changed their settings to the same as my vector scenes.

I’d like to add my name to the request for advanced fog options - either zoom into the fog toolbar (I know, that’s just weird, but you know what I mean) or have type in-able numbers.

Thanks for the tip about Eneroth’s fog tool though, I’ll definitely try that in the meantime. :slight_smile:

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